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My Story

I have been living in the Wenatchee valley since 2008. Originally from Ohio, I moved out West to work on a farm and ended up falling in love and making it my home. I farmed commercially for 12 years alongside my husband Bruce, growing fruits and vegetables and selling at restaurants and farmers markets.  In 2019, I began an apprenticeship with Joyce Netishen at The Fire Rose Farm School of Herbal Wisdom and Divine Wonder. After 4 years of diving deep into the Five Elements and the spiritual medicine of the plants, I felt ready to pursue a different profession. I couldn't ignore the call I felt to step into something bigger. Something that makes my soul sing and my heart full. Although I was drawn to this path for personal healing, it has transformed my life so profoundly that I can not NOT share this with the world.


What is Elemental Plant Medicine?

Elemental Plant Medicine has its roots in the ancient tradition of Chinese Five Element medicine and Plant Spirit medicine. It is both beautifully simple and wonderfully complex. This work goes to the very spirit of a person and brings them what it is they are asking for. We are more than just physical bodies and we need more than what physical medicine can give us. We all have a unique spirit, an energy, a vibe that makes us who we are. Our spirit, just like our body needs tending. This is my work. To create safe and sacred space for you to receive what you most deeply need. When we feel heard, when we receive what we truly need, healing can happen in the most amazing ways.  This work is a prayer, a poem, a song, a never ending world of mystery and magic.

"Five Element medicine does not study things, but the relationship and processes that exist between things, it is medicine of the invisible." -Joyce Netishen

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